Fall Semester 2008 Seminars

Dec. 17th Sara Maniero: "The Saving rate in a real time dynamic countries panel framework"

Dec. 10th Domenico Fanelli:"A Two Stage Duopoly Game with Ethical Labeling and Price Competition When Consumers differ in Preferences"

Dec. 4th Krzysztof Olszewski: "Technological diffusion and skill-biased technological change caused by foreign direct investment in EU Transition Economies"

Dec. 2nd Hsueh-Ling Huynh (Department of Economics, Boston University): "Evolutionarily Stable Social Norms and Recursive Structure in Subgame Perfect Equilibrium"

Nov. 17th Fabrizio Panebianco: "A Theory for Interethnic Marriages and Evolution of Preferences"

Nov. 12nd Elena Fumagalli: "Like oil and water or chocolate and peanut butter? Ethnic composition and social participation of young people in the U.K."

Nov. 5th Loretti Dobrescu: "To Love or To Pay: On Consumption, Health and Health Care"

Spring Semester 2008 Seminars

Jun. 24th Domenico Fanelli: "Ethical Consumption as a Matter of Competition"

Jun. 18th Lucia Milone: "Market Behavior under Zero-Intelligence Trading and Price Awareness"

Jun. 11th Mario Padula: "Clean Evidence on the Age-Productivity Gradient" (joint work with Fabrizio Castellucci and Giovanni Pica)

Jun. 4th Sergio Currarini: "Information sharing networks in oligopoly"

May 30th Enrica De Cian: "Trade and Environment revisited: Assessing the Effects of International Technology Spillovers"

May 28th Stefano Galavotti: "Bilateral Trade with Apositional Traders"

May 26th Isabella Massa: "Finance-Growth Nexus: Evidence from a Global Top Reformer"

May 21th Marco LiCalzi: "Sequential Price Revelation in the Absence of Noise Trading"

May 13th Elena Fumagalli:"Ethnic Composition and Participation in Social Activities for Young People"

May 6th Elisa Lanzi: "Capital Malleability and the Macroeconomic Costs of Climate Policy"

Apr. 30th Javier Diaz: "The Law of the Sea: development of the deep-seabed and distribution of benefits"

Apr. 21st Stefano Galavotti: "On Efficient Trading Mechanisms with Ex-Post Individually Rational Traders"

Apr. 2nd Elena Raluca Buia: "Can Corruption Reduce Competition?"

Mar. 19th Enrica De Cian: "Neutral Technical change and input efficiency improvements: Dynamics, Sources and Trade-off"

Mar. 12th Eugenia Victorino: "Legal Determinants of Financial Intermediaries"

Mar. 5th Krzysztof Olszewski: "Positive External Effects of Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment on the Growth of EU Transition Economies"

Feb. 26th Giacomo Pasini: "Crime and Social Sanction" (joint work with Paolo Buonanno e Paolo Vanin)

Feb. 6th Paolo Pellizzari: "Some effects of transaction taxes under different microstructures" (joint work with Frank Westerhoff)

Jan. 16th Qi Liangshu: "Income inequality, health care resources and population health: cross-country evidence"

Jan. 9th Piero Gottardi: "Markets for Information"