Fall Semester 2007 Seminars

Dec. 19th Enrica Croda: "Retirement Patterns in Europe: The Role of Health"

Dec. 12th Elisabetta Trevisan: "Job Mobility and Skill Transferability"

Nov. 28th Segiy Gerasymchuk: "Asset Price and Wealth Dynamics with Reference Dependent Preferences and Heterogenous Beliefs"

Nov. 15th/16th José Brambila: "Modelling the Informal Economy in Mexico. A Structural Equation Approach"

Oct. 17th Elisabetta Trevisan: "Does the variable enforcement of the Employment Protection affect the hiring behavior of firms? Evidence from an Italian Region".

Oct. 11th Giuseppe Tattara "A Global Network and its Local Ties. Competition and Restructuring of the Benetton Group" (joint work with P. Crestanello)

Oct. 3rd Isabella Massa: "Go Long or Short in Pyramids? News from the Egyptian Stock Market" (joint work with Andreas Billmeier)

Sep. 27th José Brambila: "The Dynamics of Parallel Economies. Measuring the Informal Sector in Mexico"