Fall Semester 2008 Seminars

Dec. 17th Sara Maniero: "The Saving rate in a real time dynamic countries panel framework"

Dec. 10th Domenico Fanelli:"A Two Stage Duopoly Game with Ethical Labeling and Price Competition When Consumers differ in Preferences"

Dec. 4th Krzysztof Olszewski: "Technological diffusion and skill-biased technological change caused by foreign direct investment in EU Transition Economies"

Dec. 2nd Hsueh-Ling Huynh (Department of Economics, Boston University): "Evolutionarily Stable Social Norms and Recursive Structure in Subgame Perfect Equilibrium"

Nov. 17th Fabrizio Panebianco: "A Theory for Interethnic Marriages and Evolution of Preferences"

Nov. 12nd Elena Fumagalli: "Like oil and water or chocolate and peanut butter? Ethnic composition and social participation of young people in the U.K."

Nov. 5th Loretti Dobrescu: "To Love or To Pay: On Consumption, Health and Health Care"