Fall Semester 2009 Seminars

December 14th (12.30 in room F), Fabrizio Panebianco, Ca' Foscari University, "Cultural vs Genetic Transmission: Some comparative Evolutionary Game Dynamics"

December 1st (13.30 in room F), Oktay Surucu, Ca' Foscari University, "Full vs. Bounded Rationality: How do they learn from each other?"

November 25th (14.00 in room F), Rahmi Ilkilic, Maastricht University: "Network in Cournot Oligopoly"

November 12th (13.00 in room F), Dimitry Levando: "Games of random coalitions in general equilibrium."

October 21st (13.30 in room F), Laura Concina: "Leadership in Public Good Games: Is It Worth to Reward the Leader?"

Spring Semester 2009 Seminars

July 15th (13.30 in room F), Marcella Lucchetta: "Financial Intermediation, Competition and Risk: a General Equilibrium Exposition."

June 25th (16.00 in room F), Massimilliano Caporin: "Are portfolio managers really active? An evaluation using a conditional CAPM model."

May 27th (13.30 in room F), Lucia Milone: "Competing Market Protocols: An Evolutionary Approach"

April 1st (15.00 in room F), Krzysztof Olszewski: "Interaction between foreign financial services and foreign direct investment in Transition Economies: an extensive empirical analysis."

Mar 18 (13:30 in room F), Domenico Fanelli: "The coexistence of Ethical and Standard firms: An evolutionary approach"

Mar 11 (13.30 in room F), Giacomo Pasini: "Trust, Sociability and Stock Market Participation"

Mar 4 (13.00 in room F), Alessandro Fontana: "The relationship between credit default swap and bond spreads: before and during the 2007/2008 financial crisis"

Feb 25 (13.30 in room F), Claudio Giachetti: "Strategic Convergence Under Multiple Reference Targets in the UK Mobile Phone Industry"

Feb 18 (13.30 in room F), Paolo Pellizzari: "The Impact on the Pricing Process of Costly Active Management and Performance Chasing Clients"

Feb 11 (13.30 in room F), Elisa Lanzi: "The Determinants of Innovation in Electricity Generation Technologies"

Jan 23 (13.30 in room 13A), Rune Midjord: "Perfect inference in litigation with multiple defendants"