Spring Semester 2007 Seminars

Jul. 4th Isabella Massa: "What Drives Stock Market Development in the Middle East and Central Asia - Institutions, Remittances, or Natural Resources?" (joint work with: Andreas Billmeier)

Jun. 27th Elisabetta Trevisan: "Does the variable enforcement of the Employment Protection affect the hiring behavior offirms? Evidence from an Italian region"

Jun. 13th Sergio Currarini "An economic theory of friendship: diversity, minorities and integration" (joint work with Matt Jackson and Paolo Pin)

Jun. 6th Elena Raluca Buia:"Efficiency effects of Side Payments in Public Provision of Goods"

May 30th Marco LiCalzi "Which Market Protocols Facilitate Fair Trading?" (joint work with Paolo Pellizzari)

May 16th Giacomo Pasini: "Social interaction effects in an inter--generational model of informal care giving" (joint work with Lisa Callegaro)

May 2nd Segiy Gerasymchuk: "Asset Price Dynamics with Small World Interactions under Heterogeneous Beliefs