Spring Semester 2010 Seminars

July 8th (13.00 in room F), Paolo Tasca, Ca' Foscari University, "Financial Fragility Dynamics".

May 25th (12.30 in room F), Mario Padula, Ca' Foscari University, " Estate Taxation and Intergenerational Transfers" (joint work with Tullio Jappelli)

May 5th (12.30 in room F), Martina Nardon, Ca' Foscari University, "Binomial algorithms for the evaluation of options on stocks with fixed per share dividends" (joint work with Paolo Pianca)

April 28th (12.30 in room F), Claudio Agostinelli, Ca' Foscari University, "Local Depth" (joint work with Mario Romanazzi)

April 23rd (13.30 in room F), Theresa Beltramo, Ca' Foscari University, "Bilateral Trade Costs between member states in the EU and major trading partners: An Empirical Analysis from 1989-2006".

April 21st (12.30 in room F) Marco LiCalzi "Convergence of outcomes and evolution of strategic behavior in double auction" (joint work with Paolo Pellizzari and Shira Fano)

March 24th (12.30 in room F), Marcella Lucchetta, Ca' Foscari University, "Bank market structure, systemic risk, and interbank market breakdowns".

February 24th (16.15 in room F), Alessandro Tavoni, Ca' Foscari University, "Coordinating towards a common good. An experimental analysis of climate change, time horizon and community participation".

February 18th (12.30 in room F), Carmela D'Avino, Ca' Foscari University, "Banks' funding and central bank liquidity: A global VAR pre-crisis assessment."

February 11th (13.00 in room F), Giacomo Pasini, Ca' Foscari University, "Is it true love? Altruism versus exchange in time and money transfers."

January 20th (13.30 in room F), Noemi Pace, Ca' Foscari University, "Social Networks and Health Seeking Behaviors: Evidence from Nepal".