Get passionate about WISE!

With spring on its way, even WISE cannot avoid a touch of passion!

Coming up next week, Umberto Rosin will present present his work on "The Economy of Passion".

Here is an abstract of his presentation:

The world is moving toward the enhancement of human work life conditions. Nowadays, along with economic progress, more and more people choose their job looking for well-being achievement rather than mere extrinsic rewards. By studying passion for activities among professionals and entrepreneurs, and identifying contexts here defined as “high passion intensity industries”, the present research sheds light on human behavior as to the way people choose and perform work activities. Sports, arts, collecting, education, creative industries in general, and hundreds of different leisure activities do represent elective high passion intensity industries. The dualistic model of passion (Vallerand et al., 2003) is adopted to frame and measure this important yet “undercover” asset circulating within organizations which is often transferred to customers. Virtuous circles of emotional contagion find a fecund environment in networks of passionate actors, leading to strong marketing and managerial implications. A deep understanding of the chosen empirical context – the board game industry – has been reached through an ethnographic approach using a mix of qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques.

As usual, lunch will take place before the seminar, between 12.30 and 1 pm, with the presentation starting only at 1 pm. Remember also that WISE went green, thus we kindly ask you to confirm by email your participation to the seminar in due time, in order to allow to prepare the right amount of food. Please remember also to state whether you require a vegetarian option!

Stay tuned for more WISEdom announcement!
-the WISE staff