Season finale: Mind the GAP!

Sadly, even good things must come to an end: don't miss the season finale of your favorite seminar series as WISE gets ready to host his last presenter for the summer.

On Wednesday June 8 at 12.45-14 pm in room E, Alvise Favotto will present his work "Mind the gap: exploring the perception of the ethical environment across groups of managers"

Here is an abstract of his presentation.


This study investigates whether and how the perception of the 'organizational ethical environment' (Trevino et al., 1998) varies across groups of managers at different hierarchical levels. We drew on research on organizational identity to investigate whether different opinions on ethical context are retained by different sub-groups of managers. Extant research suggests that senior managers are likely to express significantly more positive perceptions of organizational ethics when compared with employees in non-managerial positions, however it remains silent on middle and lower managers' perception of ethical environment, even though these managers act as 'linking pins', possibly influencing other organizational members, both upwards and downwards. Data from over 1700 respondents were collected in a large US-based corporation, operating in the utility sector. Our findings suggest that perception of the ethical environment varies significantly across groups of organizational members. Consistent with our predictions, senior managers are likely to hold a rosier perspective of the environment for ethics, while a more cynical approach is held by middle- and lower-level managers. Implications for research and practice are discussed.

Please note lunch will take place before the seminar, between 12.45 and 1 pm, with the presentation starting only at 1 pm.

Remember also that WISE went green, thus we kindly ask you to confirm by email your participation to the seminar in due time, in order to allow to prepare the right amount of food. Please remember also to state whether you require a vegetarian option!

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you all at WISE

- the WISE staff